August 7, 2018

5 things you probably won’t know about me.

1. I’m the biggest friends fan

I’ve probably been watching this sitcom since i was 8 and watched the whole series a hundred times over (oops). But no matter how i’m feeling; stressed, anxious, happy, friends seems to always put me in the right mood, sounds cringe i know haha. Their quotes have somewhat become a daily part of my vocabulary among my fellow friends fans, so if you haven’t watched it your missing out.

 2. Summer is my favourite season.

Not only is my birthday month in this season which is June for those of you wondering (even through you probably weren’t). Like most of you with the improved weather it improves my mood.

Even though i don’t go away much i love the summertime holiday season. Yes you can go on holiday in any season and yes they are just as wonderful but in the summertime for me it means more time at the beach by the ocean, and being a water sign i love the ocean. (horoscope readers where you at?).

 3. I’m not the biggest fan of fast food.

Ok ok i know it sounds strange like seriously who doesn’t like fast food? well… me! haha. For me its just so unappealing because i know that its full of grease. Don’t get it twisted i love me a burrito or a wrap now and again but it will never be one of my cravings.

4. I have naturally straight hair

Aswell as it being a blessing its also a curse in terms that when its humid it will never frizz and when i put it in a bun it will remain straight when i take it out. But for when i’m feeling a little adventurous with my hair and want to curl it… well it wont have that! probably last a maximum of 20 minutes i don’t even know why i keep trying. Anyone else have the same problem?

5.  Fruit is my favourite thing

Fruit is SO underrated i could snack on that all day everyday. Its just one of those things where i’m peckish but i’m not sure what to have FRUIT, especially mangoes though. some of you will think its strange but i don’t care. well that’s all i’m gonna say about that, kind of ran out of things that people might not know about me haha.

Anyways hope u all have a lovely week!

all love S x

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