August 14, 2018

Struggles that short girls go through once in their life

Just to clarify I don’t emotionally struggle in any way with my height neither do I care that I am short. Your height doesn’t establish anything different about you and shouldn’t be a constant worry that you have of yourself or others. 

I’m just under 5’2” which is fairly small but not stand out short and even if I was shorter I wouldn’t care. Being short has a lot of advantages however for this blog post  I have come up with a few ‘struggles’ or annoyances that short gals like me have probably, more than likely experienced.

People always try to lean on you

Not just leaning their arm on your shoulder but also what’s with the pat on the head?  I don’t know if it’s just me but some people I know will just randomly pat me on the head which is followed by ‘you’re so small’ no way I never knew I was short? But no need for the pat I am not a dog thank you.

The whole runway modelling thing

I’m just going to tread lightly on this subject or we could be here all day and I don’t want to waste your time.

I hate this stupid rule of only tall women can runway model is absurd and there might be short runway models for all I know, but…I wouldn’t know as they are never shown.

I frankly didn’t know you had to be a certain height to walk down a runway. I’ve never wanted to be a model so I’m not overly bothered about the concept in terms of myself but the fact that beauty ideals are so messed up that being short in the modelling industry shuts down your chances of runway modelling which really sucks for those guys and girls who would want to experience that.

High shelves

I don’t have a problem with my height but I find it so annoying when reaching for the tomato sauce turns into a rock climbing event on your kitchen counters.

I mean ever since me and my mum have moved out and only live with one another I don’t have this problem in my own home anymore since my mum is around the same height so I’m happy about that. I only have this issue when going shopping; for instance when trying to grab the last frozen chips from the bottom of the freezer and almost falling into the damn thing or when I can’t seem to reach the top shelf and have to ask a friendly tall stranger to grab it for me.

I’d like to thank the many tall strangers who have done this for me, u are much appreciated.


I literally can only shop in two or three shops for my ideal pair of jeans and even when I find a decent pair that fit my petite frame I still  have to fold them twice at the bottom to stop them from rolling and bunching up on my leg, but I have made it work.

Jumpsuits are also another problem for me and I’m sure some of you guys can relate; jumpsuits and maxi dresses that don’t come in a petite range either we get it taken up at the tailors or forget about it. The only jumpsuits that actually fit me are the cropped ones which are ideally meant to be ¾ length but fit my length perfectly instead, surely some of you girls must have the same experience, it can’t just be me?


Now I don’t know how tall my boyfriend or my taller friends are exactly but they are significantly taller than me and that’s obviously no big deal to me.

My boyfriend seems slightly distressed when I do wear heels because he is used to my natural height even though in heels I am still only at his shoulder length,  so yeah he is a lot taller than me but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Height shouldn’t make a difference, period.

If any of you have insecurities about your height; tall, short or average just know that your height doesn’t define you and you are gifted with your height for a reason, each has their own great benefits. Don’t ever feel insecure, take pride in your height and yourself!

Hope you all have a lovely rest of your week.

All love. S x

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