September 25, 2018

Punta Cana Wedding!

I know i haven’t posted in nearly a month which is disgusting! but i have been really really busy so apologies :). I hope you all had an amazing summer i know that i did i got up to all sorts of fun, one of which i will be talking about in this blog post!

So on the 10th of September i jetted off to the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic for my sisters wedding and i can honestly say it was the most beautiful blessing in the most amazing location. I felt so lucky and grateful to be part of such a special day, congratulations again!  

Where we stayed: 

Even though the whole reason for travelling 9 tedious hours to Punta Cana was for the wedding we made the most of the resort. We stayed in the Royalton hotel which was about 30 minutes drive from the airport so not too far.

When i arrived i was greeted by this spectacular sea view from the lobby and honestly when you google the Dominican republic that is honestly what it looks like i have never seen such an amazing scenery in my whole life and the beaches were just breathtaking. Definition of Paradise if you ask me, i would still be there right now if it wasn’t so expensive and obvs i have a life and college back home which is a shame but we all have our commitments so what you gonna do. 

The people on the resort were so lovely and i will always remember the lady who worked with the vibe team who wanted us to call her ‘sexy mama’ shout out to her for always refilling our drinks!

What we did:

Apart from the wedding, all we did was lounge about the beach, relaxed in the lazy river and ate our entire weight in food!

Due to arriving to Punta Cana in September, the weather was against us due to being hurricane season! Therefore, we couldn’t go on any boat trips, explore the island or do any water sports because of this. 🙁

However, we still had a great time regardless of the weather!

In fact, most day’s were sunny, however the sea was too rough and there was one night that a tropical rain storm decided to pay a visit! It only lasted 10 minutes but was a great thing to see in my opinion!

Top Tips for visiting Punta Cana:

1. They speak Spanish!

I was unaware of this when i arrived however never learnt Spanish in highschool 🙁

If you do visit make sure to brush up on some basic Spanish conversation starters!

2. Avoid taking pictures with monkeys and parrots

The only bad thing i have to say about Punta Cana is the mistreatment of animals there! Something i have never seen before but is actually very common among tropical destinations 🙁

They come around and put a monkey or a parrot on you which they did to me! and try to take a picture of you with the animal which you can buy for a ridiculous amount! 

Bearing in mind the monkey and parrot have rope or a chain wrapped round them.

If this does happen to you please refuse a photo and do not purchase a photo of them as it is only funding the animals misery!

A great alternative: Visit a rescue animal sanctuary, they take donations for you to walk around the rehabilitation centre!

3. Don’t visit in hurricane season

Although we still had a great time when we visited in September, the peak hurricane months are September and October so try to avoid! Even if it is cheaper!

Closing thoughts!

I had a lot of fun visiting Punta Cana and i have to say this place was one of the most amazing places i have ever been and if you have the money and the patience for the long travelling i would recommend going here for a tropical getaway as there is so much you can see and do. 

If you have seen me since i have got back please ignore the patchy sunburn and peeling but have you really been away if you haven’t been damaged by the sun or are full of mosquito bites (thanks to my trusty mosquito band i didn’t get bit once).

Once again i hope you had an amazing summer and don’t be too depressed it’s over even though i am 🙁 

Hope you all have a lovely week!

All love S x

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