October 17, 2018

My Bucket List.

Now, just to make this clear i’m only 17 so this list is just what i have come up with up to now so obviously this list will grow (well i hope so.) Anyway this is my bucket list and if u haven’t started making one yet hopefully this give you some ideas.

1. See the Northern Lights

There are many places you can go and see the northern lights but i’m pretty sure one place is in Alaska? and i have seen pictures of it and they look so spectacular and the fact that nature has done that just blows my mind so yeah i want to experience that at some point in my life.

2. Play the drums

I know its a bit of an odd thing to put on your bucket list but i really do want to learn to play the drums it can’t be that hard can it? well i hope not haha but i just love the sound of drums if i’m being honest.

3. Sky dive in Dubai

This one is so ambitious and scary but me and a friend of mine always discuss doing this together so if it happens then i would be happy and it would be a thrilling experience but omg am i scared at the thought of it!

4. Go to coachella

I actually searched this up quite recently and to go to L.A with flights and a coachella ticket is over £3000 which is so pricey but omg it would be so good to go. I kinda want to go in the next 3-4 years if that happens is another question.

5. Road trip around America

I think maybe everyone has this on their bucket list i’m sure but i always loved the idea of it and doing it with my friends would be so much fun.

I’ve only been to Los Angeles but i would love to go again as well as going to New York, San Diego, Miami, San Fransisco and Malibu, just to name a few!

6. Go to the Bahamas and swim with the pigs.

I know this sounds so weird but you can actually do this and i’m obsessed with pigs especially the baby ones they are so cute you can’t even lie.

7. Move to Canada.

Now this one is my most ambitious and i know there is a theme of travel…. i realise that but i just want to travel if i’m being honest. I chose Canada because they also have free healthcare like England, its beautiful there and i think i would have a better lifestyle. i kinda have a love hate relationship with England but we will see what happens.

Have a lovely week.

All love S x

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