December 14, 2018

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Sorry for the cliche title but happy 11 days till Christmas! Christmas is my favourite time of year hands down. just that feeling of joy and everyone is happy, there’s pretty lights, Christmas themed hot chocolates, ice skating oh and best of all the Christmas films who doesn’t love a good Christmas film snuggled up by the fire (which i don’t have but someday will have a log fire) eating crisps, chocolate and my personal favourite candy canes, not a popular one but Christmas isn’t Christmas without candy canes in my opinion. Anyway i haven’t posted a blog in over a month i know shoot me its terrible i need to stop slacking. I wanted to make this post to update you on what i’ve been doing with a sort of Christmas theme to it. FYI there isn’t much to update you guys on. I just finished my last mock exam today it wasn’t fun but i’m glad its over. All my friends turned 18 over the past month or so and my boyfriend so i’ve been pretty busy celebrating them and draining my bank account which is always fun seen as though its Christmas soon and my bank account is yet again drained haha. Its ok though because i like treating people i personally love seeing their faces when i give them a gift i love giving over receiving if i’m honest. Christmas for me though is not about the presents at all as i’ve got older i’ve realised id rather do festive activities with my friends and family but most of all the FOOD who can forget the food always come out ten pounds heavier in the new year maybe i’m exaggerating but you know what i mean. Anyway i’m currently watching the holiday with my mum feeling festive but tbh after new year ill be feeling down like always whats the point if there is nothing to look forward to , that was so depressing sorry haha well i hope you enjoyed my pointless little blog post really don’t know why i wrote this tbh ill post again before Christmas until then enjoy the festive activities and movies!

Have a great weekend!

all love S x

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  1. Emily says:

    After mocks i can finally enjoy the festivities, i watched the holiday the other day.. why cant a jude law turn up on my door step!? Have a good one hunni x x x <3

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