January 7, 2019

2019: A New Year.

We are 7 days into 2019 and I’ve yet to accomplish something, but then again we are only seven days in why am i being so hard on myself? At the moment i feel that i have no motivation i’m stressed because i have no idea how this year is going to pan out for me career wise and i hate the fact that Christmas is over (btw i hope you all had a wonderful xmas). Despite this my new years resolution was to be less stressed and have more positive thoughts… i’m doing great so far!  i’m tired and annoyed at the world for not having things go my way, but that was last year. i need to be more mindful and hope that this year was better than the last, i need to focus on improving myself in order to be able to be happier and thereof less stressed.

For this year i want to only be around people that improve me in some way, i no longer want to have toxic or fake friends i want to be able to be myself without people judging me or making me feel that i’m not good enough. i’m going to be 18 this year i cant be having fake friends to avoid some sort of confrontation, life’s to short to be around people like that. 

Although i do dread this year in terms of having NO idea whats to come and if ill actually make it to 2020, i have decided to look for the good things to look forward to this year. For example, i am going to 2 concerts this year one in February and the other in March which i am super excited about! I have never been to an indoor concert for one specific artist  but i have been to an outdoor one with loads of artists so i’m excited for the new experience and then i have my 18th birthday in June which is followed by a trip to Greece in July which is somewhere i cant wait to explore as i have never been before. So i guess 2019 for me is about trying new things? … i don’t know it seems that way anyway.

Whatever comes your way this year try and get the good out of a situation and maybe plan events to actually look forward to to get you through the hard times that’s what i do anyway and it sure does cheer me up! i’m probably the biggest stress head you will meet but i really am trying to be more positive i hope you guys can be too!

Happy New Year everyone i hope it brings you only happiness.

All love Sx


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