March 31, 2020

Tips to help you feel less isolated during self-isolation

Hi everyone!

This is a slightly different blog to my usual posts but I thought it would be helpful to give you some tips on how to feel less lonely and isolated during this time when we are self-isolating and ways in which we can look after our mental health because let’s face it, it’s so important to feel happy and healthy during self-isolation, no matter how hard it is.

Now the reason I chose this topic is that it’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately isolated and alone…and it can really affect me at times. I only live with my mum and she works for the NHS so is mainly at work leaving me at home alone worried for her.

Alot of people will be cooped up with 4 other family members whilst others will have only their parents or even could live alone, which can be even more isolating for them.

I’m sure many of you feel the same or even worse than me but I wanted to help make this uncertain scary time a lot more positive and gratifying for you all. 

So without further, a do here are my top tips to help you get through isolation…

  • Stay connected to people through video calls 

I’m sure 99% of you are already doing this but it’s so important to video chat your friends and family during this time. 

Not only does it help you feel less alone it gives you the chance to take your mind of what is going on – the number one rule should be not to talk about the pandemic though! Especially if it’s making you or the other person feel anxious and scared enough!

If you can’t for some reason video call then why not watch some of your favourite people on Instagram’s live videos instead?

  • Find a positive online community

There are many online communities that you can join to help you stay positive and less alone in all of this.

You can start by searching for online groups that are involved in things that you are passionate about, this could be baking, sports or fashion, this will help you make a new network of friends that you can talk to and might even inspire you!

  • Have background noise on when you are feeling lonely

There is nothing worse than the sound of silence when you are bored and alone, playing some music whilst you work from home or putting on the tv whilst you are cooking can really help when you’re home by yourself, it certainly helps me.

  • Try to stay calm

It’s easier said than done i know, i get myself into a spiral of worrying and overthinking and it really creates stress and confusion which can leave me in a bad mood for hours or even days, especially during this time.

My best advice is to take a moment to breathe, even meditate, try yoga, go for a walk in nature or any form of exercise to release stress and anxiety that you might be feeling. (I have even started colouring, its strangely therapeutic and calming – i recommend you try it if you have an adult colouring book at home)

The one thing though that really causes my anxiety to got through the roof during this time in our lives is the over consuming of social media and the news reporting about it, 24 hours a day 7 days a week – shut off your phone and reduce your online content consumption believe me its going to make you feel alot less stressed!

  • Create a routine 

Now most of us are probably working from home, doing online classes or are waiting till this all blows over. But for those who aren’t key workers, its really important to not insist on rolling out of bed and staying in your pyjamas all day,(even though i’m very guilty of doing this exact thing), but it especially doesn’t help those who are suffering with their mental health during this time.

It’s important to establish a routine, even at home, make sure you have a shower, get ready, use good hygiene and are having healthy meals, establish when your productive hours will be and when you will have your downtime. You could even create your own calendar if you wanted to  (what else have you got to do?)

  • Play online games with your friends 

If you aren’t playing boardgames with your family at home then you can play different virtual boardgames such as monopoly with your friends and other family members. This is a great way to take your mind off the current situation, feel connected and just have fun! 

  • Reach out for help 

If your living situation is difficult during self-isolation then reach out to someone you trust or call a helpline. No -one should suffer in silence, and there are so many people willing to help!

Give some or all of my tips a go during this self-isolation, hopefully it will help you feel less alone and anxious, i know some of these tips have really helped me! Just remember you aren’t so much ‘stuck’ at home but rather you are safe at home and we can all get through this, stay positive guys! 

Have a great quarantine 

All love S x 

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