April 30, 2020

7 productive ways to get through lockdown

Hi everyone! I hope you are all coping well during this hard time and taking time to do things you enjoy whilst at home if that’s possible…

Now during this lockdown, there are no rules to what you should be doing whilst at home, whether you are working from home (like me) working on the front line (thank you to all key workers out there, you are all heroes and I will always be grateful for what you do) or whether you are just relaxing and watching movies all-day that fine too! 

If you are content with continuing to watch movies and anything else similar just to waste time in the days then that is great, I do this when I’m not working!

There should be no pressure to be productive during this time because let’s face it, it’s a scary time for all of us and everyone copes with this in different ways.

Whether you want to binge-watch movies and eat your weight in crisps or your the type of person that has more energy and wants to learn a new skill or workout then that’s great too.

But with us coming up to 6 weeks in lockdown, if you feel you want to do something productive to get you through till the end then I have come up with some ideas for what you could do, no matter what your idea of being ‘productive’ is, it’s different for everyone!

1. Learn a new skill 

This could be watching a youtube video and learning a song on that keyboard that’s been sitting in your cupboard for years or maybe you want to take an online course and learn how to create a video, be a graphic designer, how to make a certain recipe or even learn a new language?

Whatever interests you might have, during this lockdown can be a great way to figure out your passions and see what online courses and videos are out there for you to get stuck in to, whether you stick to it or not is up to you!

2. Organise ur wardrobe 

If you’re great at organising anyway then you probably have already done this 10 times over by now, but if not maybe its time to go through your clothes and give away those jeans that you’ve never worn to a friend or charity!

You never know, you could find a cute outfit amongst that pile of clothes stuffed away in your drawers?

3. Do an online workout 

I only took up doing online fitness classes and videos in the past 10 days but I’ve got to say doing more exercise has helped my energy levels go up and has made me feel a lot better about the whole situation. 

I am currently on day 4 of a 2-week shred challenge by Chloe Ting – she’s amazing! 

If you’re feeling up to it, a lot of fitness fanatics are doing fitness programs through live videos on youtube at the minute which could be worth giving a go, besides you could come out of lockdown feeling fit and healthy!

4. Create a bucket list 

With all this free time to think about what you are going to do post-lockdown why not create a bucket list?

If this lockdown has taught me anything it’s that life is too short to not be doing what we love, which in my case is that I want to travel more and see the world, you could want to go into a career industry you have been too afraid of pursuing or decide you want to move abroad in the future? 

For inspiration for your own bucket list why not take a look at mine here.

5. Write a journal 

I have many notebooks that I haven’t even begun to write in, maybe you have a notebook lying around? If so, a productive way to vent your feelings, whether your stressed, bored or depressed with the current circumstances (believe me I feel you!) then write about it? You never know it could become a novel one day?

If you don’t feel like writing a journal then why not just read a book? 

6. Update your CV

With many of us being out of the office working from home or even been left without a job then updating your CV can be just the thing you need to do during this time to help you get back into working life once we are allowed to go outside again!

In fact, some companies are hiring now and are doing virtual interviews as they need more help during this time, it’s worth a try?

7. Wash your makeup brushes 

This one is for all my make-up lovers out there who haven’t washed their brushes and sponges in too long or longer than they would like to admit (myself included :/) this is a good way to do something productive during lockdown even if it’s only small.

Well, I’m off to clean my make-up brushes now!

Have a great weekend 

All love S x 

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