May 1, 2020

Rhodes, Greece Travel Guide

Hi everyone! Even though we aren’t able to travel at the moment doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about it! That’s why i thought i would share with you some travel tips on my trip to Rhodes Island, Greece in July 2019 to give you all some travel inspiration! 

A brief summary of Rhodes:

Rhodes is in fact one of the largest greek islands and is full of historical culture, night life and beautiful beaches! 

Best towns to stay in Rhodes:

  • Do you love stunning beaches and clear waters? If so then stay in Lindos

  • If you want buzzing nightlife and fun, stay in Faliraki 

  • If you prefer less crowds and want a quiet and relaxing holiday then stay in Keotari or Pefkos (ideal for couples)

Things to do in Rhodes

Explore Old Town Rhodes

When i visited Rhodes, me and my boyfriend visited 2 or 3 times in our 10 night stay! It was only a 5 minute drive away from our resort and costed $8 there and $8 back.

Old Town Rhodes is know for its cobbled paths, castles and restaurants. They also have a beach where you can relax and do water sports if you are up for it as well as docks where you can go on a boat ride!

Make sure to have a good pair of walking shoes though, a lot of suncream and a hat as the town is so big you will be walking for a while!

Go on a boat trip

The most popular boat trip is to go to the close island of Simi! 

Me and my boyfriend opted to go sailing over this as it has fewer people and was more private but whatever flouts your boat! lol 

If you do decide to go on a boat trip (which i suggest you do) make sure to bring a lot of sun cream, a swim suit and a towel, and try to go on a boat trip that provides lunch for you! 

Go Snorkelling near caves

I love to swim and snorkel, and with most boat trips, mentioned above, the main appeal is that they take you to different beach locations and let you snorkel in caves (most provide snorkelling gear and life jackets, if you feel you need it)

My advice would be to make sure you bring your own snorkel gear! i hate to use others equipment and i usually always snorkel when i am away so it’s a must!

Visit Anthony Quinn beach 

A visit to this beach was on the to-do list before i arrived in Greece but we never got round to visiting!

However, if you choose to visit Rhodes, make sure you visit this beach as it is a tourist favourite!

Visit Faliraki waterpark 

If you like waterparks then why not go to one, it has some really good waterslides for all ages!

I visited and safe to say i won’t be going to a waterpark anytime soon, I’m not a huge fan of waterparks to begin with and i ended up banging my head twice off the slides and nearly drowning in the god damn wave pool! lol 

Top Tips when visiting

Don’t underestimate how sunburnt you might get!

When i visited Rhodes i got pretty badly sunburnt, safe to say i had sun stroke, which really really ruined the first few days of my trip 🙁 

This is because its very windy in Rhodes and you don’t feel yourself burning so make sure to wear a high SPF and reapply throughout the day! especially after being in the pool or ocean.

Try Greek Food

The hotel you are staying in will presumably have some sort of Greek food available for you to try! 

Don’t shy away from it they have really nice food! 

Just to name a few:

  • Greek salad and feta cheese
  • Gyros
  • Moussaka
  • Lamb souvlaki (served with tzatziki sauce)


Plan your days

Due to Rhodes Island being so big its best to plan out your days so that you can make the most out of your visit! Not forgetting about the lazy days that you will have by the pool or beach during your stay!

Hopefully this helped you for when you decide to visit Rhodes, Greece! I had a great time when i visited and got to see so many things! 

Have a great weekend!

All love S x

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