July 30, 2020

Travel destinations you need to add to your bucket list

Hi everyone! Hope you are all happy and healthy!

I really wanted to write another travel orientated blog for you guys and with travel restrictions in Europe easing, I’ve been growing my travel bucket list! I know there a lot of travel bucket lists out there, however, I’ve incorporated destinations for adventure seekers, animal lovers and romantic places for you guys to have a look at and maybe add to your own travel bucket list!

So without further ado here are some of the places in the world you will be wanting to visit next year!

For adventure seekers: 

American road trip – Route 66 

Ahh, the infamous route 66 that belongs on everyone’s travel basket lists! Everyone talks about going on a road trip with their friends and what better way to to do this then driving along Route 66:

Other must-visit locations in the US:


Los Angeles

I visited Los Angeles in 2016 and wow did it meet all expectations! If you love media and film like me then this is really a must to have on your travel bucket list!

Best places I visited in LA:

  • The Dolby Theatre – where the Oscars are held
  • Universal studios 
  • The warner brothers studios 
  • Venice beach 
  • Santa Monica
  • Beverly hills
  • Hollywood hills
  • Hollywood walk of fame


New york – times square 

Is it really a bucket list without New York on it? I don’t even have to mention why this should be a place to visit! Times Square, the empire state building, broadway! The list goes on.


New Orleans

Known for its jazz and vibrant nightlife New Orleans is a perfect place for those who love live music and culture and not to mention the super friendly people that live here.

Swim with whale sharks in Cancun 

Now you may never have heard of this one but if you are visiting Cancun, Mexico this is one for the animal lovers and adventure seekers! Don’t let the name ‘whale shark’ scare you as these enormous fish are in fact gentle giants, this is a thrilling experience to add to your bucket list and you can get up, close and personal with Cancun’s whale shark tours.

Me and my boyfriend are visiting in July 2021 to Mexico to swim with the whale sharks, so expect a blog post this time next year about our experience!


African safari 

They’re plenty of places in Africa where you can experience the safari life with having a day excursion or experiencing the safari life for several days at a time!

Ride the rocky mountaineer train across Canada 

The train runs once a week between the months of mid-April to mid-October and the journey takes a total of 3 days with two overnight hotel stays in Whistler and Quesnel which is included in the fare. On the train you with witness the most amazing sites of Canada among mountains that is a must-see if you have the money! Click here 

For nature lovers:


Explore the great barrier reef:

This colossal reef is off the coast of Queensland in Australia and is over 2000km of the coral reef ecosystem! You can explore the reef via scuba diving or snorkelling to fully immerse yourself into the wildlife which is home to over 1500 species of fish and explore the ocean or you can see it from the air in a helicopter tour!


See the northern lights:

This phenomenon can be seen from many countries and really is something that has always been on my bucket list! These beautiful lights are only visible in the arctic circle. To witness the northern lights really is a once in a lifetime experience, whether it’s in a thermal lagoon in Iceland or cruising on a boat through Alaska, Norway or Finland!

Book your northern lights experience here


Explore the Amazon rainforest

The amazon rainforest also is known as ‘lungs of the world’ and produces an important share of oxygen for the planet! To explore the amazon rainforest is a once in a lifetime experience that will bring you closer to nature.


Visit Niagara falls

Niagara falls is made up of three different waterfalls and is one of the most memorable experiences to do in Canada

For romance:



When in Venice it’s a must to take a gondola around, not only is this magical and romantic but you get to explore Venice in the best way possible as you pass by ancient buildings, palazzos and churches by water!


Amalfi coast 

Italy is a beautiful country with many hidden and classic gems that are a must-visit! Not to mention the epic views and gorgeous food here and the amalfi coast is one of them! 

The main locations that you should visit in the Amalfi coast are: Naples, Sorrento, Positano, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius (i am doing this one this September!) 

Pizza and pasta anyone? 


Go to the top of the Eiffel tower 

Paris, also is known as ‘the city of love’ is a must for a romantic getaway and the Eiffel Tower is an iconic landmark in itself. 

There are 3 floors to the Eiffel tower, the first has restaurants, a gift shop and a bar, the second floor is a great view of Paris and the 3rd floor is the very top of the Eiffel tower. 

I recommend purchasing the ticket to the top as that way you can visit all 3 floors, if you only purchase to the second you aren’t permitted to the top and well, what’s the point in that? When I visited the ticket to the top was €12 each (student fare) and wow what a view it is! We ended up going twice, once in the day and the other at night, if you have the time, try and experience both!

Sunrise at Cappadocia 

Located in Turkey witness dozens of colourful hot air balloons spawn over the mountains or ride in the hot air balloon yourself to overlook Cappadocia, super romantic!

Tropical islands:


This one is on many bucket list however you might not know that in the outer Exuma islands in the Bahamas there is an island ran by pigs! Yes, actual pigs and they will swim up to your boat as you approach the island, what’s more, you can feed them and swim with them! Can you tell I love this island already! 


A tropical getaway with white sand and crystal clear water, for those who love paradise, Aruba is a must! Some beaches, in fact, have flamingos that roam around the island!

Hopefully, this bucket list guide helped inspire some of your future trips let me know what other blogs you would like to in the comments below!

Have a great weekend 

All love S x


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