August 27, 2020

7 healthy foods to include in your diet

Hi Everyone!  

Hope you are all ok, today’s blog post is slightly different today, I thought I would do a food focused post as I’ve always loved food and lockdown has really given me the time to revaluate my diet and incorporate healthier foods instead, which is what I would like to share with you today!  

So, if you’re someone who is trying to eat healthier but aren’t sure what foods to incorporate in your diet then keep reading:  

1) Almonds  

Almonds are high in protein like most nuts and are loaded with vitamin E studies show that almonds can help to improve your metabolic health thus helping you to lose weight… interesting right?  

If you aren’t a big fan of almonds, then why not add them to a salad or put them in a smoothie?  

I tend to have a small handful of almonds after a workout as a high protein snack. 

2) Avocado  

Yes your probably bored of hearing about avocados but there is a good reason for it, not only are avocados extremely good for you but they are what’s called a good fat which means they won’t stick to your arteries like other fatty foods do! 

I love to have avocado with prawns in a salad! 

3) Berries  

The first thing I eat in the morning is a bowl of berries with yoghurt not only are they delicious, but they are really good for you and so easy to prepare! 

If you have a sweet tooth, I find swapping out chocolate and sweets for fruits such as berries help with my cravings. 

4) Sweet potato  

If you’re bored of always having mash potato then sweet potato are a great alternative, not only are they loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals but they taste delicious! 

5) Greek yoghurt  

Greek yoghurt is a great workout recovering food as it is very low in fat and high in protein! I usually have a bowl with some strawberries after a workout or you can add into a healthy smoothie! 

6) Salmon 

Salmon is a popular choice of fish due to its great taste and the fact that it included omega-3 along with other vitamins. Funny enough salmon has been linked to helping improve memory and is seen as an excellent brain food! 

I love to have salmon with sweet chili sauce with a side of asparagus and potatoes! 

7) Green vegetables  

Everyone knows that including greens into your diet is good for you but especially Kale, broccoli and asparagus. These greens are loaded with vitamins and can help reduce blood pressure! 

 Hopefully this blog post inspired you to incorporate one or more of these foods, let me know what your favourite food is in the comments below and if you have any suggestions for more food-related blogs! 

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Have a great long weekend and stay safe! 

All love  

S x  

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