October 18, 2020

4-Day Sorrento itinerary for exploring the Amalfi coast

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all well, sorry I haven’t posted in a while I was struggling with writer’s block but nothing a trip to the beautiful Amalfi coast didn’t fix!  

We visited Sorrento, Italy on the 29th of September 2020 and stayed for 4 nights, honestly this was the most amazing break away, we had THE best time, and the Amalfi coast is a must-add to your travel bucket list! 

Now because I had such a wonderful time, I wanted to tell you guys all about it by writing this blog post for a four-day itinerary for when you visit to help give you some inspiration or helpful insight into what itactually like to visit here and what you can do once you come and how you can make the most of your trip in just a few days! 

We stayed in the centre of Sorrento as our base for exploring the Amalfi coast, this was highly recommended as there is a lot of transport going out of Sorrento so is the easier and less expensive option than staying in Positano or Capri for instance. 

We took an hour-long coach from Naples Airport into the centre of Sorrento which was only a €20 return per person! We travelled with Curreri Viaggi coaches. I recommend that you book your airport transfer in advance so that you have a reserved seat. The coach is only a short 4-5-minute walk from the arrival’s departure (all you need to do is walk straight towards the busses and turn right where the coaches wait for you).

Day one: Exploring Sorrento 

Sorrento is a stunning town with loads of shops, restaurants and bars and of course has the spectacular view of the ocean with it. For those of you that don’t knowthe Amalfi coast is situated on top of cliffs which is what makes the coastal views so amazing, there is of course stairs that lead you down to the ocean and in some cases, there are lifts available to use as it is quite the workout going up and down the stairs all the time! 

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Europa Palace (a beautifully modern yet traditional Italian hotel with a gorgeous breakfast view! We were only able to stay here because of ridiculously low Covid prices!  

When in Sorrento I highly recommend that you visit the Marina Grandeit is a beautiful hidden gem with lots of seafood restaurants looking out onto the ocean, the food is amazing!   

We also found the Grand Hotel La Favourita, this is a luxury six-star hotel with the most stunning roof-top bar and a beautiful view of the ocean, each drink is very reasonably priced, and you get free cheese and crackers, olives and crisps with your drinks! 

Day Two: Visiting Positano

Before visiting Positano we decided to spend our morning sunbathing and swimming in the ocean as our hotel had their own private beach deck. We then decided to have lunch in Sorrento before we ventured into Positano as we knew it would be cheaper to have it here. We then got on the coach heading for Positano around 2:30-3pm, this was only €4 each return per person!  

The coastal drive to get there was breathtaking! Yet if you’re afraid of heights or get car sick easily I suggest you get the boat to Positano instead as it’s not for the faint hearted! The boat will cost a considerable amount more and the views on the drivin my opinion are so much nicer! 

When we arrived in Positano we explored their centre and headed down to the famous beach where we sat and had a cold drink and some snacks, we then decided to get a pancake and admire the Italian streets and view.  

We only spent around 3 hours in Positano but that was enough for us, if you would like to spend the full day in Positano and lounge on their beach then I suggest you leave around 11 am on the coach to be able to get a sunbed as it can be busy even in Covid times! 

Day three: Pompeii 

We took the train from Sorrento train station to Pompeii which cost €9 return for the both of us. The train journey was 40-minutewith the Pompeii ruins entrance only a 2-minute walk away from the train station 

As you get off the train there will be salespeople directing you into purchasing walking tours and audio guides for around €10-€18 euro each, we opted not to do this as there was an app that you could download for free that did the same thing (this was available at the entrance)  

If you are under 25 years of age the good thing is, you can enter the Pompeii ruins for just €2! However, if you are above 25 the ticket cost is €16.  

Pompeii stretchefor 8km which came as quite a shock to me as I wasn’t aware how big it was! We spent around 2-3 hours walking around Pompeii ruins. Some areas have a plaque that tells you what it used to be and signs directing you to where to go however most don’t have plaques at all but using the app can tell you this!  

When you exit the ruins, you are greeted by Mount Vesuvius and a row of restaurants, stalls and shops. 

You can then decide if you want to climb up Mount Vesuvius, they take you halfway up and you walk the remaining 40 minutes up the mountain, however, we were too tired from walking Pompeii ruins that we decided not to do this. 

In my opinion, I would try and do both however if you can only do one then I suggest exploring the Pompeii ruins, it really is an amazing sight!  

Day four: Capri  

On our last full day, we decided to take the ferry to Capri which I was most excited about! When you walk down to the Marina there are many stalls selling ferry tickets to Capri and other destinations, our return tickets were €77 which is high however we decided to get the express ferry as it only takes 25 minutes and would mean we had more time In Capri. 

When you arrive in Capri you are greeted by a gorgeous Marina with seafood restaurants and bars, however, they are very pricey! We got 2 drinks whilst waiting for our ferry back and this cost €32Granted they were alcoholic but still!  

To the right, there are ticket offices for the tram that takes you all the way to the top of the cliff which is where the main town of Capri is. Here, you will find more shops, restaurants and bars. The tickets are only €2 each and that will take you up the cliff and back down.  

As you exit the tram you will be greeted by the most amazing view of Capri and is the perfect spot to take dreamy pictures and videos! 

The streets really are endless in Capri even though the town in small you can get lost. There is a main square with cafes and restaurants however If you walk down the streets there you will find more restaurants at a cheaper price and you still get a great view of the ocean!  

I hope this travel itinerary helped to inspire your trip to the Amalfi coast or if you are thinking of visiting then get booking for next year! We had a fabulous time and it really didn’t disappoint! 

Let me know if you would like to know more about the Amalfi coast or have any questions about travelling there or what to do!  

Have a great week! 

All love,  

S x 

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