December 21, 2020

7 ways to give back this Christmas

Christmas is only 4 days away and although this year will be very different for most families, It’s safe to say I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020! This year hasn’t gone as hoped for all of us with some people suffering more than others, that’s why it’s important more than ever, especially at Christmas to help those who need it most!

Below are 7 ways in which you can help give back this Christmas: 

Donate food to your local food bank 

If you have money to spare to donate canned goods, cereals and more to your local food shelter then please do. Many supermarkets have donation boxes at the exits to save you a trip, even spending a small amount will help a great deal!

Give a neighbour a baked good

It’s safe to say for the first time we have probably spoken to our neighbours more than our friends and family this year so why not bake a yummy desert or a small homemade meal to give to those that really helped you this year! After all it’s nice to know that you’re appreciated and cared for.

Donate toys to a children’s hospital

Imagine spending the Christmas season in hospital 🙁 This can be especially unsettling for children, so why not donate your old toys to a children’s hospital or if you have the money to then new toys would be much appreciated! I’m sure it would make their day!

Leave a treat out for your delivery drivers

For most people getting a delivery at our home and thanking the delivery driver has probably been the most human interaction we have had all year so why not show those key workers how much you appreciate their services by leaving out some treats for them at your front door! This could be a box of mince pies, chocolates or a Christmassy drink, a little kind gesture really does go a long way!

Donate your old clothes

Charity shops need your help more than ever this year so look through your wardrobe and donate the clothes that you no longer wear to your local charity shop, I’m sure it would really help some families out this year who have lost so much.

Make an effort with the family 

If you can’t be reunited with your family this year for Christmas then make that effort to call and facetime them as much as you can! You could even send a gift in the post, I’m sure it would make their day especially because you can’t be with them.

Help support the health care and hospital workers

If anyone deserves anything great this year it’s these guys, being at the forefront of the on-going madness and misery this year must have took a massive toll on them. That’s why its important that we show our appreciation this Christmas for everything they have done. This could be as little as sending a thank you card or some chocolates if they have helped you this year or find and sign petitions that will help increase the pay for health care and hospital workers, I’m sure they would really appreciate it.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas whatever it is you may be doing! Make sure to reach out to those who may be alone this Christmas and try to do one act of kindness for someone else! It will make their day!

Stay safe and happy Christmas!

All love S x

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