March 29, 2021

5 Affordable Travel Destinations You Need To Visit

It’s no secret that we’re all majorly in need of a holiday right now! I would do anything to be laying on a beach sipping from a coconut right now but that will have to be paused for just a little while longer!

It’s not all bad news though as the possibility of travelling abroad is getting closer and closer everyday, so that means planning our future getaways is still on the table! 

So I thought I’d share with you 5 travel destinations in the world that are super affordable for when we can travel again!


It’s no secret that Thailand is a beautiful place to visit! but don’t let that fool you into thinking its an expensive place to explore because exploring this beautiful country is very budget-friendly and can get by on £25-£30 a day! That means you can enjoy paradise without breaking the bank!

Of course parts of Thailand can be expensive and it certainly does depend on which accommodation you choose to stay in and places you choose to eat but there are  plenty of affordable hotels and hostels and inexpensive restaurants as well as street food! For the best prices aim to go to Thailand in their low-season (June – October) and stay in the North of Thailand as prices in the South are much more expensive!

In general Thailand can be very cheap to visit and super affordable for those on a tight budget!

Sri Lanka

Like many other countries, Sri Lanka is budget-friendly and can be seen on a backpacker budget! Sri Lanka can be explored for around £30-£40 a day however activities such as safaris can be a little expensive some may say, however food, transport and accommodation are very affordable on a tight budget,

Overall Sri Lanka should be on your list for affordable travel destinations!


You may be surprised to see this beautiful country on this list however depending on which Greek island you go to and what time of year you visit, Greece can be super affordable! 

Try to avoid the months of July and August when booking your trip to Greece as these are the hottest and busiest months meaning prices on flights and accommodation shoot up! Instead opt for June or September as these months are cheaper and are still lovely warm months to visit!

If you plan to island hop in Greece make sure to plan out your transfers and work out the most affordable way before you visit. With all this in mind and careful budgeting around eating out you should be able to get by on £40 a day whilst in Greece.


If you love sunshine, beaches and turquoise water then Croatia is the place for you! Just like Greece, for the best prices try to avoid visiting in July and August and stick to the shoulder months to save money! 

The essential expenses such as accommodation, food and transport are all reasonable priced! You can expect to spend around £40 per day here. There is also lots to do and explore here from boat and beach parties to exploring its architecture and small towns, definitely worth adding to your list of places to visit!


Mexico is a tropical paradise and full of endless adventures, culture, nature and food! Who doesn’t love tacos?

Mexico is very easy to travel to on a tight budget, for less than £20 you can explore 5 stunning cenotes (if you aren’t sure what a cenote is it’s a natural underground reservoir, google it, you wont be disappointed)

White Beaches are essentially free to lounge around on, street food is delicious and affordable and your accommodation can be reasonably priced as well! Certainly one to add to the list!


I hope this blog post was helpful and gave you some inspiration of where to book when we can finally travel freely again! Let me know if you have visited any of these countries in the comment section and don’t forget to check out my Pinterest and Instagram for more travel inspiration!

Hope you have the best week!

All love, S x


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